Tha Eastsidaz
[Ace MAggikkzz]
Come on man, Eastsidaz

[Daventry G's]

Infamous Mobb

[Tray Deee]
Infamous Mobb Deep

[Verse 1 - Prodigy]
Out the muthaf**kin' depths of New York, it's P
You couldn't get close enough to even touch the kid
If you did, you wouldn't get far enough to bag
I put my guns to work on your b*t*h a**
Hold up, n***as f**kin' up the game
Put my name in statements, cooperating with these and talkin'
F**k it, I'll still buck em and gamble with my freedom
These n***as gonna learn to respect the P-Dub
I don't take no sh*t off of nobody
No n***a, no b*t*h, lets get rich and party
Let's not test my gangsta, that's how you get bodied
That's how hearts get took, pride get damaged
Lives is shedded, f**kin' wit these east side n***as
We teach y'all n***as 'bout this murder sh*t
We got Trey Deee, Goldie Loc, Hav and P
Kokane and my n***a Snoop D-O double G

[Verse 2: Tray Deee]
Big hitters, wig splitters, give n***as the blues
Fools loud mouth we all about spittin' them tools
From the coast of the locs were the Gs was born
And we raise up B.G.s to keep it goin'
In the alleys, not the valleys, killa Cali the zone
Long Beach bringin' heat takin' off when it's on
Killa daventry bringin heat takin off when its on
F**k pretty, come gritty when we bring the noise
Big boys play for keeps when we bring the toys
Wet T-shirts, we search to put in work, cuz
Come back for ya homies as you gettin ya dirt dug
Congregating, operating Gs and hustlers
You other muthaf**kers can't conceive our structure
The DPGC, the M-O-B-B strictly eastside and we ride on GP
Bandanas, hoodies, timbos and chucks
Stay mashing on busters not giving a f**k
[Hook: Snoop Dogg]
Eastsidaz and Mobb Deep
We connected
From the West to the East
Oh what you got beef?
Run up on ya while you sleep
Stay connected
My nephews play for keeps
We connected
From the West to the East
Blast your a** in the streets
We connected
Eastsidaz and Mobb Deep
Stay connected
For life

[Kokane] Yeah (repeat 30X)

[Verse 3: Havoc]
Connect with my dogs be that serious sh*t
Serious things when MOB and 'sidaz bang
Ice and chains, be best that you hide those thangs
And pressure to that a** we apply those thangs
Told you f**ks before, when it rains it pours
Its a cold cold world n***a its Doggy Dogg
Better walk or crawl(for real), cause on the real homeboy
F**k around and you'll be up in the morgue
Moms praising the lord, rev painting the picture
Of a wise young man who didn't get the picture
We keep it gangsta n***a don't get it twisted n***a
Cross me n***a, you'll wind up a missing n***a
QB and we truly rep for ours
Wars and scars, b*t*hes in a gang of whips
When it came to this game though we changed the sh*t
And f**k who you with, it's what you up in the club but yo
[Verse 4: Goldie Loc]
Uzis, AKs, Glock 40s and Tech 9s
Tryna take mines, you'll be a dead motherf**ker
Come up short, with your life on support
Burning rubber down the street in a black super spoke
Fo' pokes to the neck, five sticks to the dome
Gun powder on my clothes when I smacked him in his nose
Real talk, show you how to walk the walk
All black all times when I scheme and stalk
It's something about being a cold blooded killer
I'm bananas my n***a, like a black a** gorilla
I'm G'd up, smoking all the motherf**king weed up
Drinking on a full cup n***a


[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, defintely connected
How you love that?
Uh, like I said you can't spell the West with out the ES
East side up Eastsidaz
From QB to the LB
You see what I see and G how I G
Feel me?
Eastsidaz, duces and trayz the old fashioned way
Uh, yeah-yay