Tha Eastsidaz
Duces ’N Trayz... The Old Fashioned Way
[Snoop Dogg]
1998, Dogghouse Records steps on the scene
Unlike any other record label, we plan to get green
And keep it clean, and stay oh so mean
So rough so tough, haha

[Suga Free]
What his here? This for them suckas
N***a I came from a long line of playas
That ain't scared of NAR' ONE OF Y'ALL MOTHERF**KERS!!
I see these n***as wanna see me catch a case and get struck out
But I'm laughin', 'bout to knock they a** the f**k out
B*t*h quit actin' like a stuck up clown
That's why yo raggety-a** att**ude is f**ked up now
Suga Freeeeee......hahaha
B*t*h swingin' on my d**k sayin WEEEEE!
The pimpin' is crackin' so I feel like mackin' tonight (aight)
Now them 70 n***as? 30 gon' hate us
That's why I play the role, keep control
And throw them off wit' these dirty gators
See time was torn
Cuz if I bought me somethin' to eat, sh*t
I bought you somethin too, WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS!
BUT NOW?! You'd rather bring me down and see me fall
Walkin' wit my head down straight dependin' on y'all

The call me Honcho
I like to Spark-le
I'm 'bout to barbecue a b*t*h like the charcoal
Am I a star? NO Ya' in my car? NO
My name is Soopafly, b*t*h so ya' all know
Now heffer don't act stupid, cuz y'know who I am
The n***a quick to talk sh*t and don't give a damn
I tell that hoe run, man that hoe better scram
I pimp across the land
Better read ya' motherf**kin' press telegram
Snoop Dogg told me that
Now blow me back while I'm pimpin on this funky track
Bang E.S. we givin' it up got the b*t*hes singin' the rest
We blastin' motherf**kers, run up and come test
Better, hide yo chest and fasten yo vest
No bullsh*t, take yo b*t*hes so quick and so fast(so fast)
F**k wit' us I'll put a foot up yo a**

[Ruff Dogg]
Collect calls from the pen, so I catch it in the kitchen
The homie say, send him naked pictures of b*t*hes
And if they talkin' backwards, he'll have a homie's jackup
That n***a f**ked Pat up, f**k havin' a homies tack up
We slap hoes that step on toes of our DaDa's
And ask them n***as in the Source Awards when I caught them
While y'all was pacin', the homies was bringin' up situations
Eliminating fake n***as while I'm paper chasin'

[Snoop and Kokane]
Dogghouse (woof) in ya mouth (we'll make you go away)
Repeat 4X

Yeah n***a, Dogghouse, this Kurupt b*t*h, yeah

OK, let the homies spray the K
Dippin hittin' switches bouncin' over ditches
Callicodes collapse n***as, perhaps n***as
Trap or dap and clap n***as, I'M YOUNG GOTTSTRA
Put it up, pistols might sizzle a n***a
For shizzle my n***a Kurizzle was nizzle my n***a
LIke a b*t*h or a busta, bust a, four fizzle
Surface the air miss wit a homie, wait for the whistle
Who you thought we was? Temperatures might rise
Before everybody feel the fire from the 5's
I told Daz we about to fry n***as like fries
And seperate them by 5's, and light up the skies
Crip that D.P., K-U-R-U-P-T
Dippin' and I'm out, put a d**k in yo mouth
Dogghouse gangstas (woof, woof, woof, woof)
Dippin' and I'm out, put a d**k in yo mouth, ya b*t*h
Like this, for the sake of the game
B*t*h n***a jaw-jackin' get ?blasted? out the frame
Let them punk punk you up
You jumped up and got stomped the f**k down, what now?
Showdown, got your three ring circus Bozo's
Cannot work or see the tears of a clown
Listen nit wit, you can't get wit
Try to sit wit, and get yo sh*t split quick
If you wanna say the word is bond
Word is bond, then, I attack like ninja hunter
You rhyme soft like the other Hunter
Heather Hunter, fake a gangbang fronter
Capital D to the O-G-G
Capital H-O-U-S-E in ya mouth, oh b*t*h if ya didn't know
Long Beach City dirty like THE SOUTH!

[King Lou]
?Wit Suga Free in? I'm in this motherf**ker leanin'
I'm quick to do it umm, meant to do it
Stayed on my toes like the n***a pimpin', watching the corner
Much love to my n***as rippin', in California
Doin it big with my n***a Bad, these n***as mad
At the 2001 Benz, guzzlin' Henn
It's Dogghouse and we all in, ballin'
Goldie got a couple of hoes hoppin' out the Rolls, we chillin

[Goldie Loc]
I came in bangin dub ?minutes? (20 minutes)
All my n***as know I ain't no motherf**king gimp
I get down damn, runnin' from damn town
Dogghouse n***a, Dogg Pound bound
How you motherf**kers like me now when I do it like
Bust on the microphone, cuss on the microphone?
Yeah this n***a like Tracy, Tray Deee
Bang his a**, slap his a** in the striz-neet
Catch him wit the headlock, pistol whippin' wit the Glock
Lil' Goldie Loc about to set up shop
These motherf**kers don't like me anyway
Sh*t, I ain't got nothing to say, wit no time to play
What these motherf**kers thought I was about?
When I bust this b*t*h i put my d**k in her mouth
Now all them n***as got something to say
But I'ma tell 'em Lil' Goldie don't play, n***a

[Tray Deee]
Yeah it's the genius of the click
Known to sleep a n***a quick
So watch how ya' gums bump speakin' on the wrist
I drew the diagram how to mash the game
Never hesitated when it came to blasting thangs
From the knuckle shoes buckle when we lock and strap
I'm a real rider n***a you can drop the act
I got stripes and bars from a life at war
Twice as hard, as n***as claim they sheisty y'all
Criminal, lay 'em down for their stacks and sacks
For the mic, used to trife with the ma** and gats
Do or die, to survive from my time of birth
Then I'm out for gettin' mine till I ride the hearse
It's going down, Dogghouse gangsta style
And f**k Death Row, we'll take 'em out
We got the whole rap game bangin' now (C--RIP!!)
What you motherf**kers think this game's about?

Repeat 8x

[Mixmaster Spade]
Oh, good evening Topp Dogg I'm so glad you're here
All the b*t*hes in the front, the gangsters in the rear
I'm not Dr. Jekyll nor Mr. Hyde
Whoever told you that, they told you a lie
You been a waitin' and a waitin', as I can see
So treat me like the pope and bow to your knees
Oh the genius on the mic is back again
So get on the phone and go tell a friend
I been a waitin' for a while as you all know
And now I'm back on the mic doggin' the show
I got platinum 'round my neck, that will never fade
The name of the chain's Mixmaster Spade
A sure shot, body rockin'
A c'mon everybody get ready to rock
A sure shot, body rockin'
A c'mon everybody..............

Repeat 4x