Tha Eastsidaz
Life Goes On
[Chorus Kokane (Snoop Dogg)]
Life Goes on (Life, Life, Life, Yeah)
Life Goes on (Life, Life)

[Snoop Dogg]
Lil Tone, Lil Loc Half Dead ken folk
Papa Loc, gun smoke, beer bottles & dope
Remines twist sh*t blaze it up and spit this real sh*t
For the homies that R.I.P
Don't trip on crip we keep ya'll alive
Meech dogg bigg Ernest, Fred dogg 3 times
Like bub Scarface, T-Loc 1 & 2
Big 40 mick dogg this ones for you
Sammy Parker we ain't forgot about you O.G. cuzz
I'mma show these n***as how it's supposed to be done
G-Bo gator, you know I ain't no hater
I'mma holla at you later
Tic toc don't stop big East slap rock
Remember Boot, Murf & Dale - I miss the homies a lot
D-O-Dubb you the realest n***a I feel it dogg
Man my love ones I miss yall (miss yall)

[Chorus: Kokane (Snoop Dogg)]
Life Goes on (Life, Life, Life)
Life Goes on (Life, Remember, Remember Ya'll)
Remember tha G'z that were, here now there gone
Life goes on (Life, Life, Life)

[Snoop Dogg]
Pancake Lil man, Lil Tray & Jay dogg
God bless ya'll souls and listem may ya'll
Kids live a long life, live a strong life
Not the wrong life, let em live they own life
G'dub, Jeff hogin we keep it rollin
Pancho loc & my homeboy Nollan
Big blue from the rear block
You keep it real wit a n***a since the pop loc, you bought me soda pop
My n***a cartoon, Lil Noock & Pete Both from the north
We meet in 7th grade on the B-Ball court
Just like the homie Demon Loc
Damn too many of my homies got smoked
Before I lost 2Pac I lost my Grand Pa
Tha Raw dogg, I called him pa pa, aah naw
Not Reverend Harris too
Dear God, tell me what our church gone do

[Snoop Dogg]
If you think that's bad, well that ain't all
I gotta give a couple of shouts out to my doggz
Eazy E
Roger Troutman & The Notorious, B.I.G
My Big Homeboy Mooch you know I love your moms to death
In Heaven she rest
H.D. - Mary was your pride & Joy
& Warren G ya'll my Mutha Phukkkin homeboyz
He lost Ola Mae the same way
See I be lookin at yall, & wantin to touch my momma everyday
I don't know what I'm goin through but I'm there for you
See on some real sh*t homie I care for you
Rough times, Rough Rhymes, Heart-ache
Man I ease the pane with a gla** of bacarda
But how could I, & why should I
Cause on the real folks it's hard to say good-bye (good-bye)