Tha Eastsidaz
[Intro: Tha Eastsidaz]
Check it out
Everybody got a third eye, right?
So when you don't take heed, you feel the fall of your instinct
Things can go bad
So bad, you might find yourself in a hole you can't dig your way out of

[Verse 1: Tha Eastsidaz]
Buzzin' at the honeycomb, money on the mental
Ski mask, gloves, two choppas and a pistol
Outside dark like boss n***as thinkin'
We hit war, strike, leave soft n***as leakin'
Speakin' on vicks on the list for the laydown
How much the worth, plus dirt where they stay now
Hustle gets whoever, we ain't carin' 'bout the odds
Move with precision, and catch 'em by suprise

[Verse 2: Tha Eastsidaz]
Ride for this money, yeah, wе gotta run it smooth
Scopin' n***as, hope to win it, slidin' on this move
Stupid ammunition for this mission, it's a groove
If еverybody play they part, then can't none of us lose
Scooped up, then maced up, tape in this canister
Heavy construction, we swing with the hammer

[Verse 3: Tha Eastsidaz]
Knock down, my blood think we all saddled up
Double check weapons, prepare for the rush
Don't nobody bust 'less it's absolutely needed
All the last means left to get to the precedence
Snatch n***as seeds and laugh at they pleadin'
Block every option 'til cash is relinquished

[Verse 4: Tha Eastsidaz]
Dashed out the tilt with my hands on the stick
Piled in the G ride, mashed to the lick
Headed 'cross the city on the backstreets crawlin'
Clicked it off safety as soon as I saw him
Two body guards rotatin' by the entrance
Slid up quick, got straight to my business
Doors flew open, the time slow motion
The young n***a with us let his eyes start smokin'
[Verse 5: Tha Eastsidaz]
Blood stayed soakin' as the people stood frozen
Wrecks in the open just to sh*t, we was hopeless
Secure the location, secure, then we maced 'em
Snatched up the boss, to the back where I take 'em

[Verse 6: Tha Eastsidaz]
Fool, cooperation, you f**kin' with some gangstas
Tell us where the safe, or it's murder in the makin'
Money all ya life now, I'ma do it right now
Playin' games, motherf**ka, I'ma blow your lights out

[Verse 7: Tha Eastsidaz]
Wait 'for you stretch 'em, cuz get the message
We bank to the safe, scrape stacks full of cheddar
Duffle bags stuffed with the jewels and the product
Creepin' out the crib and the pigs just pop up

[Verse 8: Tha Eastsidaz]
As soon as a n***a got close to the bag
Reached out for it and his hopes got dashed
Everything swept up, gone in a flash
One false move and the sh*t went bad, damn

[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
Can I get a witness?
Eastside n***as with the business