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Yo ayy
Stop the riots
And shooting others
Even with the racism
We killing pepole
They be flooding all up
Even if we down down
We needa get up
Stop shooting others
Let people breath
Take the time
To think
Will all the black pepole
Like what they see
Would they really like all the descrution in the sea
It’s so f**ked Up
We killing each other man
When we can just stay together
And be one of them thousands man
Stop killing bro
Ran thru another doe
Running on my block tho
Praying they don’t shoot me tho
Hopes they don’t kill me tho
For the way I look
For the way I sound
For the way I dress
I hope I make it out alive
Stop it
All the little kids running inside
Praying to the lord
That they wouldn’t die
For the way they look tho
Stop the riot
Stop the shooting
Come together
We only live one life man
We have to make it up
Hold hands with each other’s
No matter the race
No matter the pace
No matter how we look
We will get together tho
Will Get our rights
Not from violence
But from our hearts
And our speaking man
We killing pepole
Innocent kids
Getting ran over by this stupid list
I pray to lord I make it out alive
Cause everyone burning up and trying to survive
This ain’t a vibe tho
We killing pepole
This a riot
We gotta stop it
Before we come up and hide it like
We stay together man
Ran thru the block
Gettting Pepper sprayed tho
Trying to make it out alive
Trying to show our love to George Floyd
This sh*t isn’t funny
Sometimes u gotta walk thru the bridges
Just to make any money
We did this for ourselves man
The black community
Coming out and trying to live man
But them pepole on take they live
For the way they look
For the way they act
How they supposed to switch
When they came up from the back tho
Back to times when they were running from the shack
Getting shot five times
Falling to the ground dieing next to a rat
That sh*t was wack tho
We dont need to recreate it
The sh*t is done for
We needa make it up
To all the loving life’s
Lost up in the racism block
We needa more then just then the black community man
We needa everyone
To get on one knee
To pray to lord
To put us back on our feet
I approach that
We don’t needa re wrote that
We needa stop that
We needa stop the shots
Coming to the end
When we used to sing on the block
But now we diffrent
Praying for our lives tho
Praying that another day comes
And that’s the right tho
But all we gotta do is re write it
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