J.I the Prince of N.Y

"Only Human"

Themma know now
Each time when me wake up ai
Me never wanna do anything wey fi agu hurt u bad
Buh temptations demma come so tough
Me know clearly me can differentiate from what is good and what is bad
You know the heart of man sometimes can be deceiving
And the pleasures of this world can be so tempting
So Believe me wen mi say man i try everything to nuh commit a crime
So man i stay way low key on a profile
Try fi runaway from that girls pon me timelinе
Cause some ah them ah look so litty
And no doubt thеm curves iya look so pretty for sure
Alot ah crazy thoughts be running through me head
And couple of time man ah stumble nd me fall
Many the affliction of tha righteous
Buh Jah fi gwan deliver from them all

Cause we human we human
I pray you never judge me by me thoughts
Cause me only human ah ye eh eh ai
Yah know says me human mi human
I pray you judge the motives of mi wrongs
Cause mi only human ah ye eh eh eh
Ya know say me human me human
I pray you judge the motives ah mi wrong
Cause me only human ah eh eh eh
Y'all know say me human mi human
Jah Jah ya fi nuh say me human ah eh eh
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