Loner lyrics


[Chorus: juice wrld]
I'm not used to being alone
I don't want to do it anymore
Really hate being alone
More that I hated it before
Got used of being alone
I am not a loner anymore
No I'm not a loner anymore

[Verse 1: YUNGK33PER]
No I'm not a loner anymore
Sorry I'm just used to being alone
All the times Ive called
My number was unknown
Lately I've been feeling alone
I had so much love for you and you don't even know
I'm so scared of dying alone
I'm already dead
I wish I had more I could've said
Noose is hanging by it's last thread
I keep thinking there's more I could've said
She don't want the love all she wanted was the bread
I don't want the love, all the love was in my head
I said I loved you that id love you To the end
I said I loved you and I wished the love will never end
I said I loved you and I wished the love will never end
Are love was fake you know you had to pretend
So dont talk me go talk your friends
Dont talek to me go talk with your bestfirend

[Verse 2: YUNGK33PER ]
I don't really want the Drugs just the cash
When I call you up why don't you ever call me back
Pop the perc until they give me a heart attack
What will you say when you find me dead
Just scroll through my notes. And you'll see what I left unsaid
You'll see all the things that I regret
I'm in love like romeo and juliet

I'm not a loner anymore

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