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"Look For Patterns"

I'm building a home
I’m all on my own
This city is gold
From the outside in

Staring at the TV and the neon billboards
People out here taking pills cause they're bored
Doing what they're told to do mouth full of molly pills
Cause their favorite rapper’s out in Hollywood hills
This is how you start a cult, ethos, pathos, and logos
They reward you with a like, they got you in a chokehold
Listen to the internet can you hear the chatter?
In the matrix like n-e-o looking for patterns

Good thoughts to water gives the molecules symmetry
Think about your loved ones and think about your enemies
Plants grow faster when you send them good thoughts
So are you speaking nutrition or words that'll rot?
Fibonacci sequence, petals on a flower
The spirals of a snail, patterns are power
Your DNA is a fractal, a mathematical ladder
Staring at the golden ratio looking for patterns

Dodging hashtags and ads, backstroking through the matrix
Calculating equations of pigeons over gas stations
180 degrees is a line, 360 a circle
Staring at triangles, Pythagoras in the wormhole
Music is numbers, I'm counting the circle of fifths
A metronome, a bar, chord, syllable, or riff
The Mayans mapped the stars count the rings of Saturn
Galileo went to prison, looking for patterns

Annihilating algorithms so you can hear me
Calculating chess moves, rap is game theory
Bees making honeycomb, hexagon hives
Spirals in a nebula the truth you can't hide
Sacred geometry, the pyramids of Giza
Line up with pyramids in Guatemala for a reason
Math is alive, we're equations made of matter
I'm swimming through spacetime looking for patterns

Fading to a quiet
Dreaming till we're tired
Where are all my heroes?
Oh no
Fading to a quiet
Everyone is tired
And I watch them go

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