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"Compete Your Ass Off"

[Verse 1: Time]
Screaming in the mirror compete your ass off, no future I rip my mask off
Feeling fake like a mascot, you two faced, Harvey Dent, I rip my face half off
Dropped 13 albums in 12 months I had to blast off, no excuses I passed y'all
I fail so much I just laugh it off, you paying dues asking for half off
I wrote a book, a podcast, a song a day, book shows, and we still tour
And I still eat sh*t every day, create, and maneuver through manure
And my grandparents did more than that, working everyday got a house with that
My mom went from section 8 to being a nurse, dad never went to college he just put in work

No competition without cooperation cause we live in a world full of hatred
If you at the top with no community then who you saving? What type of path you paving?
Racism exists, patriarchy is real, Kap is right, police got the steel
Ableism exists, class is real, if you ain’t helping out what’s the deal?
Everyone's grind is different, if you silent to that then you upholding the system
Too many problems to list them, too many in cages let's abolish the prisons
Too many screaming hustle making money their religion, they're dying over an izm
I’m visualizing my vision, I'm trying to hustle for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom
Eric and Erica Garner, Tamir, Mike Brown, their legacy’s living
Pops cried when Trayvon died, now cancer took him, I miss him

Ready to die I’m copping my coffin, no stopping till we popping
I dare you to top this, told awareness we dropping
Tell mama like Joplin, drama out the picture I’m cropping
Spit so often, I’m swimming I hop in I’m in the studio mopping
They say work hard if you want to make it how far you gonna take it?
Find you limit and break it
No sleep always awake and, take determination mix it with patience
That's my equation
Let’s take it back to 08 in the basement, in the studio pacing, my chest racing
This game will find you heart and make it vacant, I'm in my feelings let me Drake it
They'll stab you in the back like Jason then ask you to smile for the camera and fake it
I tell everyone I love them just in case and as I move through time and space and
Never wasted, my demons I faced them, the charts, for impact I’m bracing

The grim reaper followed me home, I saw me as he took his mask off
He said if you wanna live, compete your ass off

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