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Lord Finesse


My love will sustain you
My love will sustain
Don’t hide the problems that pain you
I can make you whole again
Its agape

Verse 1
Look a tragedy had happened in my household
My youngest son had left the family taking my Gold
And my jewels and my cash and stuff
He practically wish death upon but I find that tough
The toughest thing about this isn’t just how rude he sounds
It’s just the fact that he ain’t nowhere up in sight to be found
And every day I worry for that wretched thinking that has because he thinks he got the answers and he’s figured out

So everyday I’m standing out
Day and night
Night and day
Every time I’m waiting now I’m praying that he finds his way
Standing at the edge of my place out the compound
Waiting thru the sun and rain till he’s back in my grounds
And I won’t even stop waiting every day I might frown
Cuz he ain’t back yet
So what I’ll do from right now
Is I’ll go an extra mile to see if he’s coming back
It hurts my soul
Seeing my kids just falling back
To sin
So let me be your medicine
And if I see him wait is that my son that’s walking in
I’ll meet him at the middle
So that’s no one’s stopping him from
Safe security
But he interrupts me
Saying something about how like he ain’t worthy
I just hugged him and told him that he was smelly
So I went got my servants to wash my son clean
And to throw the greatest feast the world had not seen


For my son was gone
But he’s found again
Yea my son had died
But he’s Alive again

Verse 2
Father don’t look me in the eyes
I know what you about to say
I know that all I’ve done is bring shame to the family name
I know I’m bold enough to show myself and speak
But I’m begging on my knees while tear goes down my cheek
I’m not speaking as your son I’m begging as your servant
After all I said and done I'm pretty sure that I ain’t worth it

I should’ve....

Man I got choked up
My voice is getting weak because I know that you supposed to
Punish me ever so severely
But u just hear me
And you don’t mind the smell I bring cuz you’re standing near me

You're comforting patient u just keep loving me
I done so much to you but you ain’t even done the same to me
I just don’t get it
Like what’s wrong with you
The way you treat the Sons of Adam is to good to be true

It’s Agape
A God thing
If one thing that I’d say
Is how Good is Yahweh
If I may just add

See my mind is too feeble I can’t comprehend
The mercy that showin me
It does not seem to end
The rap game wouldn’t even want none of this
So once they done with all the hype
Come get some real substance

You didn’t hesitate on my behalf
You even had the servants go and kill the fattened calf
God,I pray I’ll never give you half
I promise under heaven that I’ll give you all I have

I wanted to separate but you disagree
You almost bankrupted heaven just to be with me
I lived my life like the son up to this degree
The prodigal son had a name and yea that boy was me

I myself was lost but I’m found again
I myself had died but I’m alive again
I myself was gone but I’m found again
Yea I thought I died but I’m alive again


My love will sustain you
My love will sustain
Don’t hide the problems that pain you
I can make you whole again
Its agape

ፍቅሬ አይለወጥም
ፍቅሬ አይለወጥም
ቁስልህን ከእኔ አትደብቅ
ሳልፀየፍ እፈውስሃለሁ
ነኝ አጋፔ

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