Baby Smoove


She know who I am, if I'm wit her she gon' eat me
In Louisiana punchin' got that fire like I'm Weezy
I don't be hittin' women but might punch her if she kiss me
In the hood off exotic, uh call it sticky icky
My b*t*h bad got me feelin' like I'm Nipsey
Yo b*t*h trash but I'd f**k her if you diss me
Hit the road for a show used to leave of for them giffies(?)
I need me a house real big the size of Fifty's
My n***a fiened out he dropped a six inside a simply (ay he dropped a six inside)

These Balenciagas sh*t they cost me 960
Ain't worried bout these n***as sh*t my baby got the blicky
f**kin' wit these percs I done landed in some sticky
Ain't thinkin' bout no juice but if i see it it's gon' tempt me
My n***a on the road everybody think he missin'
b*t*h I'm doing fraud you won't catch me in no kitchen
Have em run up on you I can put you in position
b*t*h I'm off this juice i ain't switchin' up positions
Tryna drink this uhh but my n***a tryna whip it
I got my pot ready I'm like hold up why you trippin'
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