Baby Smoove

"Get To Work"

(and go to work)
(she like...keep goin' but it)
(tryna see if she can)

I always gon' get some money first
And you need to leave these streets alone and go to work
She like baby don't stop keep goin' but it hurt
I just took a RP I'm tryna see if she can squirt
I might hit the word (?) sweet set up shop and get the work
That choppa jump back like harden when it shoot you gon' hurt
Smokin' all kinda flavors til a n***a lungs hurt
Hit Saks Fifth and dip all I needed was some shirts
I'm sippin' lean smokin' cookie out the pack
I done had some broke nights I ain't never goin' back
I'm still having the sh*t that you n***as never had
You the type of n***a who be tappin' in for grabs
I gave my dog the cut he be tappin' in with hands
This juice on my ass tryna take a n***a down
Them features ain't cheap it's gon' cost you by a pound
It's business in your way (?) if you see me in your town
3AM I'm doing a cool 65 down the mile
It's always the workers talking bout that sh*t around
n***as can't come around if they ain't bringin' to the table
A&Rs on my ass watching me like I'm cable
If I grab my AR ain't nobody that can save you
sh*t I'm still juugin' I ain't thinkin' bout the label
If everybody eatin' we gon' bring it to the table
sh*t that I was taught most these n***as can't relate to
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