Baby Smoove


What's really funny is that f**king bank job away in Secaucus
I'm in the middle of the f**king weeds laying down
He comes over, he says, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm resting"
"Here you're resting? It's not a f**kin' beach in
a park"
I said, "I'm resting, I know I'm resting, I'm resting"
They pull me in, they start givin' me all kinds of questions, you know, this and that
He says, "Oh, uh, so what are you gonna tell us, tough guy?"
I said, "My usual, zero, nothing, why tell you, you f**k?"
He says, "No, you're gonna tell me something today, tough guy"
I said, "Alright, I'll tell you something, go f**k your mother"
(f**k you talkin' 'bout?)

Just went up on my price, I need five for a show
n***a, this exotic, I need ten for a 'bow
When Apple dropped them iPhone 10s, it put me on
Or them X's, might wake up tomorrow and get a necklace

n***as f**k with me 'cause I'm really from the trinches
Ooh, sh*t, I really meant the trenches

n***a, that's the drank, got me slobbin' and forgettin'
She suck me off the Percs, got her slobbin' and spittin'
Why in the f**k do my palms keep itchin'?
I be in the mall, I be big boy spendin'
You can't even shop, you got lil' boy chicken

n***as sauce burnt out, now they back penny pinchin'
I'm in Cali right now with some Moonrock in me
You broke as hell, n***a, probably need to hold fifty
Boy, your run over, you gon' rap 'til you fifty
You the type of n***a that'll tuck a couple giffies
Got like two rat hoes and 'bout four rich b*t*hes
n***a, this a K, you ain't living for no stitches
Everybody know that you be lyin' but the b*t*hes
It's always the bums who in everybody business
How the f**k you in the streets and on the stand, you a witness?
I'm scared of the streets, you n***as snakes, more snitches
Got some dog sh*t saved, I might go and get a Bentley
Crack an Akorn seal and give the hoes all the Henny
You know I got stick in my pants, don't tempt me
These n***as lookin' funny, I might have to show the blicky
Just showed up to Saks just to spend 'bout a hemi
Gave habibi my chopper, he gon' take it off semi
My n***a facin' eights, he gon' need to buy a kidney
'Bout to meet up with my dawg right on 6 Mile and Livie
Just got down on the hemi, on my line like, "You gypped me"
This ain't no normal cream soda, it just cost me three-fifty
I want a yellow Hellcat just to dog it in the city
My n***a trippin' in the club, he just tried to suck a titty
If them b*t*hes hit they lights, they gon' have to come and get me
Tryna see my ID, you must think that I'm a rookie
I'm on Melrose now with some strong ass Cookie
I step in the room and got everybody lookin'
If I told my n***as go and get your kit, they would've took it
I'ma swing on him soon as he ain't lookin'
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