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Baby Smoove

"The New Smoove"

What you talkin bout?
No matter how hard you try, you'll never be me
The old Smoove ain't a f**kin burger
Shut the f**k up [?]

[Verse 1]
I bet a dime that you ain't got a dime
VS make you blind
Send a hit, it's a homicide
I ain't never lie
I got sticks, boy I wish you'd try
Hollow hit yo eye
I'm so rich, you so broke, just like yo hoe
If it's cold, Moncler coats
In Miami on a boat
I got pints
No time for [?]
Yo cup be to light
My b*t*h a Benz, yo b*t*h a Ford, I'm what you can't afford
Palm angels, and some dior
You wake up and do my chores
Is she your's, I just get head when I'm bored
n***a you a burger showin sh*t that ain't your's
Hoppin in the coupe, makin a hoe open my door
You keep you receipts, take it back after you wore
I just bought some more Prada's, don't give a f**k bout no Jordans
n***a this exotic, it'll have yo ass snorin
Way before I shot a video I was out tourin
I don't measure no more, It don't matter what I'm pourin
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