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Baby Smoove

"Losing My Mind Pt. 2"

Take a sip of that, magic potion
[?] secret stuff

I'm 'vette shoppin'
You back seat hoppin'
You be talkin' like a b*t*h, you look gay, you need to stop it
Pop a n***a up, right hand, he won't survive it
I know you feel sick, everywhere I'm the topic
I ain't never f**k again, you ain't even my last option
You ain't wanna see me big, you gon hate what I accomplish
All my n***as, they'll kill you, f**k I look like boxin'
You know what's going on if he play he [?]
These guns ain't for show, you ah really get shot
Get the drop so quick, we done found out his block
n***a you ain't come home, so the house caught the shots
Imma say that sh*t again, play with us you get dropped
I was wastin time with these nothing ass b*t*hes
I had a couple who was used to bein with some broke n***as
[?] n***a [?] slabs, see that's a go figure
I shoulda left you on read, when you wanted my attention
We was really cool, I thought I knew what you was feelin
No cap you the reason why I don't trust b*t*hes
I'm up, dawg sh*t, I can't be in my feelins
Hoe I'm rich without you, it don't make me no difference
I'm at Off White, this [?]
[?] pulled out my size, cuz he know Imma get it
Came up on my own, I ain't have no big homie
I ain't have a cosign, so you can't lil bro me
My b*t*h is Italian, she look like a trophy
I think she Chaldean, her people might know me
Mother said she got a [?], not no flowers and [?]
My chain been [?], just been up buyin cars
Walkin up with my Ruger, I was high off a bar
He broke in my city, got shot in his yard
My next house gon be built with a lake in the back
You kickin this door, you get shot in yo neck
Catch some from this K and he ain't comin back
My car SRT and her head in my lap
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