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Baby Smoove

"Risk It All Pt. 2"

How it feel, man nobody got my back forreal
I'm out juggin, I ain't think about no food
I'm out juggin, I ain't think about no food
Michigan Meech

I'm done with my b*t*hes, man I swear they all dumb
I need a new roster from the bottom on up
I think I'm boutta spend 100 on a Benz truck
Right now I'm in Amiri's with my FN tucked
New flavors in the air, I can't wait till they touch
I'm rich as hell lil b*t*h, I don't really care to f**k
No whip ass n***a but he went and got some bucks
It sound like a Hellcat but the motor in the trunk
Wrap him up like a hog then throw him in the trunk
My n***a in the fed's now sleepin on the top bunk
Why you lyin to ya b*t*h, you know you the top punk
We got automatic sh*t, it be three shots at once
Yeah BLM cool, but let a n***a play dumb
You can be black, white, or blue, I bet you still get slumped
You even got a hunnid guns but you'll still get jumped
Got a fridge full of pints and I can't sell one
We be aimin at the head
You can't even roll over in that lil ass bed
Real [?] sh*t stacked, lil boy money spread
I'm only here for the head, yo legs ain't gotta spread
Them 5-7 bullets came and hit him just like Ed
I can go in the safe, like who ain't got read
I was in middle school, gun right in my bag
Chrome 2-5 with tape, it woulda got on yo ass
I eat gourmet meal's, I'm a king and a boss
n***as don't serve sh*t, all them dope stories talk
We could put a n***a on or we could knock a n***a off
If I feel like it's worth it, then yo life is the cost
n***as talk like hoes, they be thinkin that it's cool
They'll kill yo girl and yo mama, if you touch Baby Smoove
This exotic so strong, I'm the highest in the room
I got unlimited drank, I could drink a raw deuce
sh*t my neighbors engineers and some doctors too
They don't know what I be on, sh*t we got doctors too
I was really in the field, it ain't hard to get proof
You a lame ass n***a so it's hard to get juice
Lil n***a yo apartment ain't the size of my garage
We got all typa guns, n***a just for homicide
How you n***as pushin thirty and you still need a ride
I'm really 23 with a four car garage
Yeah that n***a stood over to make sure he ain't alive
I still remember the day she left out, the day my sister died
My momma said she was sleep, so I tought she would arrive
But I knew it wasn't right off the that way she cried
They gon send it to my phone before it's out [?]
Man these n***as out here they just cap all the time
I got like thirty shots that gon come out my nine
Boy what you gon do when they come at you flyin
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