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Kelly Price

"I Smile (Live From BET’s S.O.S COVID-19 Relief Effort)"

When you’re driving in a storm, it is tempting to want to pull over under an overpass and wait for the storm to pass because you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the storm. So even right now in life, you just want to pull over in the middle of the storm that we are in. You want to pull over and stop dreaming and stop believing and stop thinking that things can get better. But I want you to know that God did not build you to pull over. You are storm proof because He is in the storm with you. So keep driving to that destination
Let's Go
I dedicate this song to recession
Depression and unemployment
This song's for you

[Verse 1:]
Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine
Nothing but clouds, and it's dark in my heart
And it feels like a cold night
Today's a new day, but where are my blue skies
Where is the love and the joy that you promised me?
Tell me it's alright
(I'll be honest with you)
I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain
Fell from heaven like a shower
(When I think how much better I'm gonna be when this is over)

I smile, even though I'm hurt, see I smile
I know God is working so I smile
Even though I've been here for a while
I smile
It's so hard to look up when you've been down
Sure would hate to see you give up now
You look so much better when you smile, so smile
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