Don’t shoot lyrics

Eshon Burgundy


It ain't always your time to shine
That's a lesson y'all need to learn, sometime the blessing take time
I don't care about what you heard, the platforming ain't mine
I gotta serve and give a voice to the faith that I have in Yah
Every moment that goes by is a breath I breathe in His sky, I could cry
'Cause that's a testament to me being alive, I could've died
I mean, the Devil tried and tried, but naw, the Lord let me ride
Like a bike with the pedals on the side
I use my shovel for my pride, that's the level 'cause there's levels to this
Pick a side, and if you faithful, you gon' earn a medal for this
Too many wanna sell out, me and so many fell out
It's forgiveness for us sinners, Messiah got plenty bailouts
Spells and curses in the English language
The modern world is tainted, stained-glass sanctuaries the Devil painted
The saints are buried in temporary arrangements
Another exodus for God's chosen and judgment for the nations
To the King, you either Mordecai or Haman
All my repentance eating up my violations
Yah gave street the beat and gave me all these fly statements
Only those who have the Holy Ghost will know what I'm saying
It's a war for your soul, trolls wanna be exposed
Reaching for forbidden fruit, he got you standing on your toes
"Pick me! Pick me!" You sound like cotton
And you think this Satanic industry your only option? That's your goal?
It's a tag on your soul, and you try and get it sold
It's a flag on the pole and it's white, you surrender for the dough
On sight, you gon' fold if you ever thrown in
The limelight, this a kite, this a warning
The agenda of demons is for that fame and wealth
Scheming, Lucy tried to tempt Christ with ice, don't play yourself
[?] you be tryna go viral, tryna be somebody idol
Like that's absent from the Bible, you either rival or disciple, salute

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