Diamonds (Joel Corry Remix) lyrics

Sam Smith

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds
Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds

[Verse 1]
Have it all, rip our memories off the wall
All the special things I bought
They mean nothin' to me anymore
But to you, they were everything we were
They meant more than every word
Now I know just what you love me for

Take all the money you want from me
Hope you become what you want to be
Show me how little you care
How little you care, how little you care
You dream of glitter and gold
My heart's already been sold
Show you how little I care
How little I care

My diamonds leave with you
You're never gonna hear my heart break
Never gonna move in dark ways
Baby, you're so cruel
My diamonds leave with you
Material love won't fool me
When you're not here, I can breathe
Think I always knew
My diamonds leave with you

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