[KDon] All I do is get money!!! [verse1:Lou] Now who up in this building know how to get money? you dont know me? snitch thats funny. You like a crack head always f***ing bunnies. On that muthaf***ing pill suck a d*** or get money. She my h** and will get money. I get girls, but mostly money, Im done meek kill em. [hook:Meek Mill] Im gettin money im gettin girls im gettin money, so f*** B**** turn around and suck my d*** for money. suck my d*** for money, Yeah n**** yo B**** suck my d*** for money. [verse2:KDon] What the f*** you think this is n****. all I know is money and f***ing h*** n****. Golds n****. High as f*** h*** n****. This s*** right here is my f***ing place n****. You think im gon' ease up, well n**** wake the f*** up. You ain't never seen a fly n**** so fly like me. muthaf***a ima blow yo mommas brains out if i dont get my cocaine n****. Let it rain n****. F***ing strippers n****. All I do is stay on a low profile so the cops won't catch me. So if a n**** is ever snitchin in my muthaf***ing town, you just let em' know im around n****. Dont frown n****, cause we gon' get money and blow it like no tomorrow. [hook] [verse3:Lou] OK, so im here doin it. y'all n****s ain't doin s***. keep on f***ing with my b**** ,then you gon' hit. Hit! Hit with a muthaf***ing choppa b****. I said suck my d***. so get this s*** and put it on yo a** b****. Is yo p**** good? like a muthsf***ing p***star good? Hell yeah. im cool n****. dropping her a** n**** like by the f***ing pool n****. pools of liquor. I say pools of liquor. Money dont grow on trees where I come from n****. But heck. Now adays money is nothing to me. So me and my girl spend it all n****. [hook] [outro:KDon] Yep. We cool. No more bein broke n****. I got you, so dont even worry girl. My days on tha corner are over.[Meek Mill] Yeah. MMG forever