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"Eminem Disses Nick Cannon (”Invitation” Response Parody)"

[Verse 1:Brent Pella]

This is not an invitation, it's a suicide note
"I'm the new Pac", dude you were the co-host of a kids show
Does anyone else find Nick Cannon tryin' act hard hilarious?
Nick Cannon is safe, can't kill a career that doesn't exist
I just wanna say trash diss, MGK was better bro
You got more dislikes than a Taliban video
Damn Nick, we all knew you were pretty lame
But you didn't have to go diss Em just to get a little fame
Nick: "I'm still waitin' to be dissed"
Eminem: "Me too"
Someone send me nudes[wait what]
A bunch a motherf*ckers who never had a hit
Came together and still, couldn't make a hit
I would rather eat a live lobster sandwich on Walmart bread
Than listen to this again
Nick is mad Em had Mariah first l-o-l
Everyone's verses sound like dog sh*t l-o-l
Nick is nothing more than a tv host
He sucks at comedy and his music is no bueno[not good]
When you're irrelevant so you have to diss the god
He got the powerpuff girls for support and still lost
We have to give Nick some credit it's hard to be this horrible[Um, I couldn't find anything that rhymed with that]
He ain't even spit his employees did
Here's Nick Cannon's rap career in a jif[or is it gif?]
This is time in my life I'm not getting back
How you have the worst verse on your own diss track?
Actually thought this was good but then again I'm on crack
Nick Cannon is the next, Rebecca Black
Finally caved and listed to this and it's so cringe
Epstein didn't kill himself, but Nick Cannon just did
Hey Nicholas, it looks like there's not much else left to say
So I'll end this sh*t with a f*ck you but have a nice day

[Outro:Brent Pella]
Hey Nick, I’m not actually Eminem
My name is Brent and I just wanna say
Don’t worry about what everybody's saying about you online
I think you’re doing a great job, okay
Also, if you’re casting the next season of “Wild N’Out”
I would love to audition
I am happy to battle rap you
Or any of the 37 other dudes that were in your diss tracks
You have 24 hours to respond
And if I don’t hear back from you then
I’m just going to assume
That I am the new host of “The Masked Singer”
Alright? Okay
I’m gonna go chase some more clout now
See ya

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