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Larry June


[Verse: Premo Rice]
Its nice out and the ass is on full effect
Hoes sun dressed up
Got the melanin with the coca butter skin just tryna get sexed up
I haven’t left the spot got the crock pot whipping like I’m master chef
And my lady ain't tripping cause I’m clocking chicken
Rice like Hughey Heffner
But last month I was in Malaysia
With a playa b*tch kicking hella flavor
And a stash house that had elevators
Paper talk no perpetrator
That night I made her do the percolator on my di*k
Then flew out the G side cause its always popping in that b*tch
Young showstopper out in that b*tch

[Chorus: Premo Rice]
Cause I own it, I own it
Cause I own it, I own it
Cause I own it, straight mowing
Your main b*tch she rolling
Cause I own it, I own it

[Verse 2: Larry June]
East Coast
West Coast
Dirty South
Mid Coast
Tryna knock her
Sock it to me
I believe in you so much we can do
You gotta listen baby for real
Don’t be talking too much
Pay attention baby I got some game for you love
What’s a P without a vision
What’s a hoe with no hustle
Lobster my ravioli
I never talk about it much, but you are part of the plan
You could’ve fell in love with a trick but you chose demand
Twelve dollars orange juice on my way to the bridge
(?) and Half Moon Bay
She hit for a band, what’s happening

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