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Larry June

"Mason Cafe"

I'm just lovin' you, baby
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait for what?

I'm real spontaneous, I got no patience
So many whips had to change the location
You cracking under pressure, I'm just eating crustaceans
Forty dollar body wash, f*ck it, it's nathan
I'm cool with jewels, we got lots in common
200 for the coupe and don't even drive it
I live in Frisco, Ocean View, you thought I was lying
I'm the n*gga in my city, you better pay some homage
24 in the lab I ain't slept in days
This sh*t easy to a playa, I'm just giving you game
Got the vegetables sautéed, I'm chillin' and blazin'
On the island with my feet out eating some raisins
A big mojito on line, too, I'm keeping it cool
Details, keychain three hundred, I'm foolin'
I don't bang but the seats in the Benz is whoopin'
Sippin' on this green tea while I order a movie
I'm him
b*tch, you know you f*cked up
Now you back to f*ck around with broke bruh-bruh
I don't never step down, b*tch, I just step up
Avocado in the smoothie, something different on a sl*t
Slide through my old hood and it's feeling like the 90's
sh*t changed, man, I 'member when I used to ride my bike
Down them project stairs, now I'm 2019 on them
Swervin', mobbin', gotta keep that thang on me
This beat so smooth, I ain't have to sing on it
You a Taco Bell n*gga, b*tch, I got this lobster imported
b*tch I'm hella important, better do your homework
Before I take you serious I gotta check that dome first
I wonder, do you still got that crib I use to slide through?
The one next to Whole Foods, you know I use to love them smoothies
Six tapes back to back I do this in my sleep, n*gga
TFM the record label, b*tch, you should go and sign with us
What's happening?

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