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Larry June

"Organic Smiles"

(Who are these n*ggas?)
sh*t be crazy as a mothaf*cka, baby
For real
You know this my happy place
Tryna change my ways, you know

[Verse 1]
(I been feeling like this for a minute)
You just can't seem to pick the right one, huh?
You get off at 5, I should come, huh?
A veggie pizza, a movie and a back rub
Why you looking like that? (Smile)
You know I love that pretty face, keep doin' it, baby
You always make a n*gga (Smile)
Even on my bad days, you forever my lady
If I fell off tomorrow, you would still love me
Traumatized by the game, so I'm still thuggin'
This money keep a n*gga sane but you my heart for real
I'm low key, I gotta move smart for real
If you see me in the club, it's a rare occasion
I rather hang out in places that can make me paper
Quick flight outta town, man it's off 11
Cook a n*gga somethin' healthy, I'll be home at 7
What's happenin'?

[Over Chorus]
You know I love that smile
Come here
Witcho sexy ass
Quit playin' wit me
I don't wanna hear none of that
Take all that sh*t off
Yeah, I like that

[Verse 2]
Another night on the road, gotta bust another move
sh*t been cool, but low key I been thinkin' 'bout you
You say everything smooth, but yo actions don't show it
You need a n*gga there 24/7 I know it
I just wanna see you (Smile)
With that pretty ass face, keep doin' it baby
You still make a n*gga (Smile)
Baby, ain't sh*t changed, still driving me crazy
What's happenin'?
You lookin' hella nice today
So sexy, make a n*gga fly a kite today
Just a Cartier bracelet, no ice today
I'm going crazy, in the lab cooking these tapes
Sometimes you just gotta (Smile)
My n*gga, life ain't bad, we the ones that create it
Elevate, gotta boss up, it is what it is
I'm thinking one day in the future you can have my kids
(I been feeling like this for a minute)
Stop by the grocery store, grab something to eat
Baby at the nail shop, they just doin' her feet
Champagne complimentary, she keepin' it P
You know I love it when you (Smile)
Body on fleek, got me ready to beat
Benz on E, gotta run up the street
You can pack a bag 'cause you comin' with me, for real

[Over Chorus]
Quit playin'
Witcho sexy ass
Know what I'm saying
Off top
But what it really do though?
For real
Aye aye aye, aye aye aye

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