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Larry June

"I Told You in 07"

Try to tell me I can’t do it
Watch me do it
Boss sh*t b*tch I talk this sh*t fluent
Talking numbers with my n*gga and he Jewish
Touchdown quick bag nothing to it

Atlantic City 3 weeks we can eat
Elevate the game take the trap OT
Gotta play it lowkey
No jewels on me
Two days touch 3
Went home with 23
And that was just something slight
I was tryna bounce back
Green juice in the morning
b*tch rub a n*gga back
Looking like I’m out a movie in this A-Team vette
Could’ve got that new thang but that 87’ wet
Six tapes back to back
I ain’t fell of yet
You ain’t seem to realize b*tch I’m one of the best
Get money and invest in yourself quick lesson
n*ggas dying everyday lil n*gga quit stressing
What’s happening

n*gga what’s happening
n*gga what’s happening

This organic so don’t panic
No label no manage still manage
Illmatic real savage
Life of a hustle
It’s ups and it’s downs you just gotta get accustomed
White air forces in the box never touched them
I don’t want no drama with no n*gga I like money
Quick vacation somewhere that it’s sunny
New work with me she just wanna make some duckets
Bought the b*tch Nueske’s
Treat it like a bucket
A hundred n*gga f*ck it
Stunting out in public
Green tea and some crumpets with a b*tch she from London
Eighty dollar lotion got a n*gga smelling scrumptious
Five in the morning in the lab cooking something
Very organic b*tch you know how I’m coming
Exhaust on the coupe b*tch you know when I’m coming
Left baby house early grabbed a juice and muffin

On my way OT
First class I deserved it
It was times I was hurting
Looking back it was worth it
I’m gone get mine for certain fasholy
Don’t be coming around me like you know me
What’s happening
n*gga what’s happening

b*tch why you looking down
All I know is up
Ay ay ay ay ay
Sock it to me

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