Chris Brown



[Verse 1]
No, I don't say it often
And I probably should’ve told you I hurt this bad, I know
And I probably shouldn't want this so bad
It's weighing, weighing on me
Don’t wanna wake up in the mornin'
Cannot undo what we did in this bed
And I can't get you out, so I gotta go
No, I'm not ready for, you want me all alone

But I'm undecided, excited, ignited
And I don't wanna feel the way I do, but I like it
Look at all these sparks flying
But I'm still indecisive
And she want me to wife it
But I'm undecided

[Verse 2]
I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but here we go again
Girl, you know that pu**y is my weakness (Weakness, weakness, weakness)
Girl, you got me addicted when you switching positions
You tell me, "Shut up"
And you know I listen, I hit it
Wish I never did it
I can’t keep sinning and pretending (Ooh, oh-oh-oh)
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