Chris Brown

"Hit My Line*"

Lyrics from snippet:

Time to hit my line
Time to hit my line
Time to hit my line
Time to hit my line

[Verse 1]
I heard you got a n***a but you don't wanna be with him
No, you don't
And if he f**kin' your mood, you don't gotta live with him
f**k that, oh-oh
Why the bad ones always wanna waste your time?
I can't understand it
And tell me why the whack n***as always be the first in line
Girl, do you need for me to handle that for ya?

First night, I bought a lick, on game
T-Try it on
I keep a pack, b*t*h, changed up
Girl, it's you that I'm thinkin' 'bout wifin'
Nice, just my time
Get your life!
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