Chris Brown

"Get Naked"

Ayy, what's up, baby?
Hurry up!
Yeah, yeah, I'm on my way right now
Mmm, I got somethin' I want you to try
I got you, I got you, don't worry

[Verse 1]
12 o'clock on the dot, 'bout to pull up on my boo thang
It's hump day, but I'm stayin' through the weekend
I'ma put that work in
Baby girl, told me practice makes perfect
I'm tryna lick her in cursive (Yeah)
She told me she got a surprise waitin' for me before she let me eat it

Shawty made me pop this pill
I told her I just wanna chill tonight
She told me, "Shut up, n***a, lay right here
And tell me when you start to feel the lights"
Just vibe
Told me to f**k her, but don't f**k up her high
Don't feel too great, now I feel it
How the f**k did we get naked? (Woo!)

[Verse 2]
Oh, I, got me too loud
We showin' out right now (Yeah, yeah)
Every little touch, yeah, the sex more better
Yeah, you geeked up, your love all turned up
Your body on fire
She said, "It ain't gon' stop for a couple hours"
Oh, my, my jaw gettin' tired (Slow up)
She told me I can't stop
I'm 'bout make her shower
Round one, ain't rush yet 'cause
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