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"di*k Move"

[Intro - Shy Diago]

Y'all been waiting for this sh*t for a looong time
So here it is

[Verse 1 - Shy Diago]

So I’m gonna get to facts, nitty & gritty (yuh)
Right now it’s more important than the lyrical city (unh)
But spiritually speakin’, man, I would get you a minister
Cuz you ain’t ready for this sh*t, it’s gon’ rip you a new one (facts)
Yo, so I’m gonna go expose your ass
Cuz right now I can’t even make eye contact (boom)
You claimin’ your innocent, but we see past that
A legacy Ivy’s gotta be smarter than that (woo)
Ya, some sh*t don’t add up, can see it in your eyes
‘Cuz Nish told us that you were gonna go apologize (yuh)
And that was the last Thursday, they even spoke to you (mhm)
A whole day before Chungus said that he broke the news (yuh)
That means you knew the whole time, you little lyin’ prick
So don’t play innocent, beatin’ your shrimp di*k (ah)
There were marks on her neck and she didn’t know about it
You couldn’t even hold back you f*cking piece of sh*t (ooo)
Took advantage of a girl while she intoxicated (mmm)
I ain’t fabricate when I say you coulda caught a case
Had a whole ass week to keep it secret, musta been the
Best god damn week of your whole life man (yuhhh)
Cuz now we’ve found out and we just don’t stan
You ain’t do this sh*t, tryna f*ck with our man
I mean what kinda trash keeps slidin’ with a girl
And when you tell him bout her man, he say “I just don’t care” (trash)
The girl begged you to stop, you wouldn’t let up (let up)
Claimed she was uncomfortable, f*cking get up (get up)
Everyone around, say you were tipsy, not drunk (no sir)
Soon as I heard, knew this just one of your stunts
And you even go so low as to have ‘em cover you up (bruh)
We just need you to stop, man, bein’ a f*ck, boy
How many girls you hit up at the narty, are
You gonna match how many times you’ve used the hard “-er?” (b*tch)
Lilac said no, the Sky said no (oof)
Both high and low, the guys all know
You a f*cking piece of sh*t, know who the f*ck this b*tchass is
Cuz he gon’ sizzle in the heat ‘for he can ever beat his meat
So he goes at the same dude he already f*cked over once (bruh)
Checkers says she never felt your di*k, man, not even once (ha)
Think you hard as sh*t cuz you do hard sh*t
Reality is girls would rather f*ck your ass with your hard sh*ts (ooo)
Yo what the f*ck were you thinkin’, f*ckin’ with my homeboy
He’ll f*ck you up like you were just a little kiddie toy
Take the battery out, and we could still charge you (facts)
Assault’s the least of my worries, man, if I were you (true)
End of the day, bro, you ain’t a bro no more
What you have done, man, is a clear di*k move (owh)
It’s clear you only care whenever your di*k move
But now each time you pass me by, I just see a di*k move (bah)


[Verse 2 - Rush]

This ain’t a laughin’ matter no more
[Bobby], you are now up with me, T
Everyone knows that you have a small pee-pee
Shy just had us going [Bob] that, [Bob] this
Our [Bob] diss has your face changin’ colors, call it jaundice

I spent way too long to start this, here we go
People been waitin’ for it, wantin’ me to let go
To start, I’m sorry for you loss amigo (huh?)
di*k must’ve lost some size to your ego (ooh!)
Don’t worry, I don’t hate you, I pity you, son
Cuz I only hate a bad man, not a weak one
Wit’ yo b*tch ass, you’d think I’d turn and run
Hating on [Bob]’s ugly bro ain’t that fun
Putnam’s been over but you still just actin’
Fakin’ tough to hide the spine you lackin’
I’m so f*ckin’ tired of all the yappin’
Really think you hide all the time you spend jackin’
No self-control, you’re a masquerade
Shouldn’t you have learned that back in first grade?
Don’t you understand that sh*t won’t get you laid?
Just might be the reason [Bob] left you played (damn)
Enough with the dissin’, I’ll cut to the chase (yuh)
You came to me, you finally said it to my damn face
That you lied, and you knew, you f*ckin’ disgrace (b*tch)
Props to you, but that will not make it erase (no chance)
Everything you told me, Dip knew in the first place
He wrote that sh*t a month before you came to my face (damn)
f*ck your guilt boi, gonna make me mean, cuz
A peasant shouldn’t ever get near the f*cking queen
You need to learn to live by some values
Don’t sh*t on the Bible when you could learn from Matthew (7:12)
Learn to be a man already, can you? Even the
Chicks you go after more man than you (f*ck)
Startin’ to think that cheap shots are your thing, cuz I
‘Member seventh grade when you took that swing, if you
Even tryna match me now in the ring, I’d
Dump on you like wonton, call it Beijing
It was over and you couldn’t hold back anymore
All you really did was start this war
I don’t really know if you can count that as a score, cuz in
Just two months she came to me for more (oof)
This year’s the second time you’ve done this chase
Man thank god [Bob]’s miles away (facts)
Seems like you want me, if you may, just
Get on your knees if you want a taste (bruh)
No one should have to f*ckin’ defend her
That’s the sh*t that’lll bring my f*ckin temper
I just think you gota f*ckin’ remember
That you are a borderline sex offender
Your second strike was when you f*cked with me
But I ain’t playin’ no games, you don’t get a strike three
What you gon’ do ‘bout it, I can’t wait to see
Cuz you know the truth’s gonna hurt you more than me

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