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Three 6 Mafia

"Tear Da Club Up (YSP Remix)"

Yeah, the Three 6 Mafia
Like we always do about this time
A fresh new remix, for the '96

Tear da club up, tear da club up, tear da club

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
This dedicated to you scrubs with all that playa hatin' sh*t
The Three 6 show no love, we quick to murder a trick
No remorse (?) you down or not
I'm rollin' with that fool Crunchy, five-seven and a Glock
Backed up by the .45 and a .38
Bustin' through the doors of yo Chevy cause testin' the click was a mistake
Chris load the Mossberg with the slugs and sh*t
Prepare to drop some bodies in graves we already dug and sh*t
Infamous grab the cali with da hundred rounds
Koopsta load the tec and blow them thugs to the ground
Juice with da two nines (?) one for them (?)
The other one shootin' at dead bodies so they'll feel the pain
I thought you knew that I'm from Memphis were them playa hataz thick
If you ain't a hater then let me hear, that means you down with this click
Ms. Boo got you fools out, keep yo face up out this place
(?) Triple 6 'bout to gladiate (?) platinum gangs with you hoe
And that's that on that

[Hook] 8x
Tear da club up, tear da club up, tear da club

[Verse 2: Lord Infamous]
Deadly, I open the portal to journey the last dimensions
They got (?) they come from the Memphis Three 6's, don't get twisted
I want everyone in this club to get frantic and rageous
The feeling has got me rampageous, let's rip out the speaker and (?) gauges
Heartless is your fantasy, death is not fiction, also listen
Mess around and (?) all these wannabe gangstas down with the mortician
Executioner style, buckin' them in they knot while they drop on their knees-ah
Plenty of bustas been put in the morgue and they chill out in the damn cold freezers
But we did not come for war we just want this hole place tore
Everybody just wrecked and shot, they get buckwild on that club floor
Three 6 mafia show we get loco, wear them Triple 6 dresses
And we get through with this scheme, we want everything in this club into ashes
No sorrow in my cold black heart, I'm glad that (?) gone
Lord Infamous the Scarecrow, sign my name on suckas tombstones
We Mafia, is it too much, are you ready for us?
Cause in da 19 Triple 6 2000 tear da club up

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Tear Da Club Up (Tear Da Club)
Tear Da Club Up (Tear Da Club)
All these playa haters in the club got us messed up
Yes I'm the fool with them 2 nines ready to blast
Bring yo ana to da door, trick I bet you won't last
Paul throwin' chairs in da air, Koopsta locin' up
North Memphis playas on the floor gettin' wild and buck
f*ck the weak security, fake traitin' super cop
If they kick us out the club I buck 'em in the parking lot
Grab the club owner, put the rich trick in the trunk
Take his life, take his cheese, then I spit on the punk
Now I'm crunk breakin' bottles up against the club wall
Shootin' tones at them fools til I'm jealous

Slicin' tricks right in half stumblin' through da

We gon' get some dynamite and blow the whole club up

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