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Three 6 Mafia

"Who Run It (Freestlye) - GHerbo #WhoRunItChallenge"

Everything was on the up and up
Had the d boys right behind us

Thats before Range Rover trucks
It was Acura’s and Honda’s

In my past life I was future
Steady counting up Commas

Other n*ggas getting caught up slippin
We was different cuz they couldn’t find us

They gone go crazy when they see me
They ain’t seen a n*gga since summer time

Said you still stay at home with Mom
When the street lights on go inside

Play that field where they hit hard
sh*t gets real when it gets dark

See them dogs and you panic
We supposed to be family

And street stocks always did numbers
Credit cards in the Camry

On a one way , with no way out
Plan A with no Plan B

On the corner playing quarter back
Ya better prepare for the rush

Same n*ggas you was with at breakfast
f*cked around and stole your lunch

Taking trips out to ac

No ac
We got fans now

Hand down
That’s a man down

I be moving
While you n*ggas stand around

Now who run it
You ran down

We came in And they ran out
Independent we stand out

We done did it all with no handouts
Who run it?

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