Three 6 Mafia

"Ballers (Remix)"

[Intro - Project Pat]
Man, why these n***as always hatin' on Hypnotize and Cash Money?
Man, f**k these n***as, man!

What's up, whoadie?
It's these gold grill and these platinum-mouth boys
These big time Hot Boys, these Three-6 boys
Wit the self made millionaire Cash Money boys

[Verse 1: Turk]
You done f**ked with the wrong n***a
Must ain't know that I ride and I shoot quicker
Should have known not to upset this lil n***a
You got a clique? So what, n***a, my clique thicker
A bunch of real ass n***as that'll burn ya up
With no waitin', catch ya slippin' then jam ya up
Slangin' weight ain't no thang for me
Play by the rules
Or sh*t, I'll kill your family, that's what I do
Bust your chest wide open and split your fade, n***a
And them all frozen, moves from the 'K, n***a
Turk don't play, when it's time to get serious
Think I'm a ho, keep it that way and stay curious

[Verse 2: Baby]
n***as be shoutin' "one love" but wearin' black gloves
Some n***as 26 and 28 still live in they mom house askin' for play
Them n***as shouldn't be respected, they fake
Instead of hittin' blocks with Glocks and touchin' n***as money spot
And breakin' bread with the woman who put 'em in that spot
These n***as wanna trick to these hoes and play with they nose
Instead of totin' fo'-fo's and movin' f**kin' kilos
n***a, I done bought more cars than n***as done bought pu**y hoes
And bought more rims than n***as done f**ked they main ho in they as*h**es
Three 6 told me to roll and unload
But n***a f**k that
I'm tryin' to stack and mack
And that deal with Universal shoulda showed that

But Uptown is where it's at
Playboy, won't you tell me how you love that?
Won't you tell me how you love that?
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