Three 6 Mafia

"Bodyparts 2"

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, we back up in this mothaf**ka
Prophet motherf**kin' Posse ho
Three 6 mafia, M-Child
A whole bunch of mothaf**kas
And ready to do this sh*t
You wanna f**k a ho
Then Wait until you're back
When the war's gone b*t*h
You better recognize you motherf**kin' suckas
Thinkin' that I'm for the 9-7
Once again, it's on
Bout to pull yo' motherf**kin' ass in b*t*h
Woow, woow, woow woow woow woo

[DJ Paul]
Now when it comes to my hood
I be like blackhaven zone
Now when it comes to parts of the body
I got more than Autozone
In the middle of fashion I got to keep it like rockin'
It be Bacardi and green this cocaine got my jaw lockin'
Let's get this ??? in here I need to let some shots off
It's Dj Paul with Teflon on so take that bulletproof off
When they jump, I pump and put some iron in the punk
And then I dumped all his bodyparts into my trunk
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