Three 6 Mafia

"Wona Get Some, I Got Some"

[Intro: DJ Paul]
Yeah HC mutha f**kin P n***a
Hypnotized mutha f**kin Mindz b*t*h
For you mutha f**kin rinky dink records up out there
Ya'll know who ya'll is, there's a bunch of you mutha f**ka's
DJ Paul and Juicy J wannabe ass n***as
T-Rock rock that sh*t fo these (?)

[Verse 1: T-Rock]
My house of representitives, be A town assassins
That'll cause a riot in any shape form or fashion
Run up in your grill, when attention who we blastin'
Now woo now we presidental thing, cause you was flashin'
We some alcoholic n***as, we cause depression'
A-tech in this mobb, n***as mashin' for cashin'
Amazed what we see the crooked police harassin'
All because we makin' cheddar other clicks are lackin'
Down for the cause, where you haters wanna brawl
Got my back against the wall, Hypnotized Camp I call
We some treal figgas', drug heal n***as, makin' (?) quicker
Livin' in the world where it's hard not to kill n***as
Enemies is layin', unless they hold in tight them brain cells
Sacraficein' every chick that they can make, because of fame mama
Clean till I'm gone, like I'm ridin on the chrome
Shakin' all the playa haters, soking knowledge in my dome
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