Three 6 Mafia

"Beatem to Da Floor"

[Juicy J]
So this is what I'm a do man, you know what I'm sayin'
I'm a get each of you n***as, you know what I'm sayin'
From the bay by the b-ball piece, when you see this n***a
You know what I'm sayin', I want y'all to whoop his b*t*h ass
Man you know what I'm sayin, beat his motha f**kin ass
To the ground like a motherf**ker man f**k this b*t*h ass

[DJ Paul]
See this how ass kickin' get down, your boys get
(Beat down!)
Your b*t*hes get
(Beat down!)
Your brothers get
(Beat down!)
Your mothers get
(Beat down!)
Your cousins get
(Beat down!)
And any n***a that try to clown we leavin' em on the ground
'Cuz we stomp a hole, until his ass throw up, and after that
Them signs is gettin' thrown up, I'm answer to the right
I'm answer to the left, we snatchin' your chain and check
Your pockets 'till nothin' left

[Crunchy Black/Juicy J]
I'm a crunk this n***a though, treat 'em like a ho
Ask these lil' b*t*hes what the f**k they hittin' for
Crunchy ain't a ho, and Crunchy can't go, and
Crunchy ain't a n***a that you wanna f**k with low
If you didn't know, then n***a you can know, then meet me
Down foo in the middle of the floor, I'ma break it down slow
And fill you up with dro, and smoke a little that 'till I
Can't smoke no more
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