Three 6 Mafia

"Wolf, Wolf!"

All you want, run your mouth in the street
But you AIN'T GONNA f**k with a picture of me
I don't give a MOTHERf**k if you a hundred deep
But you AIN'T GONNA f**k with a picture of me

[Verse 1: Lord Infamous]
Time for hoes to get slapped
And them n***as get stomped
If crunk was a .44 this be the pump
Hit the floor like a maniac, everybody thump
Cause nobody bump like the Hypnotized bump
So rush them to the left, push them to the right
f**k a n***a up wanna start some sh*t tonight
Bust some heads f**k it, bust a motherf**king leg
Bust dem rude boys up with the naughty dreads
Rush 'em up, push 'em grab 'em and slam 'em
Swing dem elbows boy drop that hammer!
Juiceman, Paul, Lord Infamous, and Crunch
I dare you n***as to throw the first punch
We ain't satisfied 'till a n***a leave paralyzed
Underground out warning out it's the Hypnotized
Chaos, destruction, mayhem, panic
Lose your motherf**king mind, b*t*h do some damage!
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