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Three 6 Mafia

"Where It’z Goin’ Down"

[Intro: Monoxide]
Twiztid and Blaze running with a motherf*cking hatchet
And only the Three-6 could match it
So uh, tell me where it's at

[Hook: amie Madrox]
Now where it's going down?
Now where it's at home boy?
(What? What, what?!?)
Now where it's going down?
Now where it's at home boy?
(What? What, what?!?)

[Verse 1: Jamie Madrox]
I ain't the type to ask questions
I'm the type of motherf*cker ready to trip
On anyone or anything all for the f*ck of it
We be the underground, we stay beneath
And suffocate hoes like you while y'all asleep
Now where it's going down, right here, right now
And everybody on the North, East, West and South
Y'all better get it up, y'all better represent this sh*t
Twiztid, Triple-6 and Blaze, you can't f*ck with it

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
You know I ride with the tokah
Quick to make your brain pop
Memphis, Tenny, rollin' dirty
Police and a road block
n*ggas have to swallow drugs
n*ggas have to fake they mug
n*ggas put they seat belt on
Cut on the f*cking cellular-phone
On the top, we mob like Gotti
Sippin' on subjects, havin' a party
If you wanna cross the Three-6
Seperate your soul from body
Wrap your mouth with duct tape n*gga
We ain't gonna hope you figure
Where the cats done hid the stash
Or I'll have to pull this trigga


[Verse 3: Blaze]
Now where it's at? (drive-by!)
Motherf*ckers claiming to be thugs
Can't see me on sh*t
Wit' chop and bananna clips
I been dead, been back (it's like that)
Ridin' dirty wit' a birdie
And a throw-away in the hatchback (whooo!)
b*tch, where ya black-sack?
By any means trying to elevate
Never underestimate the contact (don't do it!)
I put jail on the map
Twiztid, Triple 6, and Blaze
Go and ask them where it's at

[Verse 4: Gangsta Boo]
I took a xanex
Yo, I like to split b*tches' wigs
Split them to the white, f*ckin' kidnap ya kids
Take that n*ggas wife, psych, lock you in the trunk
Get so f*ckin' pumped, n*gga, Gangsta Boo is crunk
What you n*ggas know about them Calicoes and Glocks?
sh*t that go pop, n*gga, burnin' up ya block
f*ck the f*ckin' cops, call 'em, I don't give a f*ck
Leave you in the mud, motherf*cker, n*gga what?


[Verse 5: DJ Paul]
Play me ghetto on a n*gga comin straight
Were back were back...hey
f*ckin' up the third word, can't get can't get sprayed
n*ggas eyes wide shut
They never see me comin' into the back
But aces is just when I'm gunnin'
Jiggy jiggy jack jack will be rollin' mad car
Haters got me on scoop but they can't get me that far
You gotta try and gotta run or try to head with starts
f*ckin' n*gga be most f*ckin' n*ggas be my heart, ho

[Verse 6: Monoxide]
Whatchu lookin' at?
I can call it from here
Been underground wit' the dirt in my eyes for many years
Do the math motherf*cker
You can't see the mix
We don't die, we multiply wit' the Triple-6
Merciless, territory worldwide
Ridin' down your b*tch-ass block, bumpin' Drive-By
Blowin' up your High Rise
We leave you trapped in the rubble
f*ckin' wit' us is just trouble


[Verse 7: Lord Infamous]
Gotta get it ghetto, drop the flower petal
Pop the pistol metal, Rip one wit' me
Drop 'em in the meadow, f*ckin' wit' the devil
Cold, but they call me Lord
Coked out, very paranoid
Orgys in the morn
When Three-6 is on the vocal chord
Marijuana scorched, like a torch
Full of intercourse
You will feel the force
When the Triple-6 is on the swarm
You don't wanna play in hell
Infamous, I'm droppin' shells
Tie you to the rail
b*tch, I'll help you make that f*ckin' smell

[Verse 8: Anybody Killa]
From a gangstas point of veiw
I'm asking you, how does it feel?
To have the will to grab the steal
And shoot until you kill
Anybody Killa's feelin' twisted wit' the Three-6
Drive-By, finger on the trigger, I'm addicted
Where's it goin' down?
I guess right here, so where ya at?
Runnin' wit' a hatchet, Phantoms floatin' in the back
We put it down for the psycho motherf*ckers all around
Bumpin' underground, everytime we seem to be in town

[Hook x2]

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