Three 6 Mafia

"WGAF Freestyle"

Flexin' on my ex like a n***a in the gym
Everything prescription, you should put this with the Hen'
Your boy cold flow cold, need a hoodie and some Timbs
My b*t*h ass big like the eagle in the rims
Double back with the team tops, b*t*h you know its right
Got the game on lock, uh, like my natural hair
But I got extensions for that 40, we can take it there
Buy your b*t*h some Remy, sippin on that Remy
Sitting in the Hemi with a loaded semi
Give you 18 like the jersey on Payton
I stay patient, you stay hating
That's why we differ, 'cause I deliver
Maternity floor and Hot Spitta
Tellin you n***as
Father's Day coming up, I better get a call
You know I Ball, no Lonzo, I'm so Lavar
I wanna see my kids shine, push a foreign car
Who push Daddy, and Daddy will move your ass, boy
In front of the class, I'm first class
Stewardess bring me wine in a f**king glass
One pass, forgot to ask
So savage, them old habits, they die hard
You think its Black Jack? I will pull cards
Pull broads, like a game of Jenga
When it all falls down, I treat her just like like a stranger
I know we rap and rappers are entertainers
But I won't entertain her, no receipt
It's stranger, cold blooded, never been a snake, though
Never been a Blood, but my Blood got a Draco
Woah, better watch what you say to me
Hollow T.I.P.s will turn you to a Rest In Peace
They way I x a man out, man, I'm such a beast
I'll retire Top 5, just a dinner feast
Stacking my bread, I'm tryna get all the yeast
And watch it mold, meaning its getting old
Say my name, b*t*h, it better be in bold
Italics, said me the finest
Send it to Khaled
'Cause I'm the Best, n***a
Say it with your vest, n***a
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