Three 6 Mafia

"Da Summa"

[Intro: Lord Infamous]
Uh huh, the Three 6 Mafia loungin' in the studio
Finna give y'all a little demonstration
Of how we kick it here in the M-town
Finna drop it somethin' like this

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
See in Memphis, them players be kind of like laid back
In some clean ass rides, blunts in the sack, I'm blowin' a pack

Hittin' the park about three, sometimes a little later
The last day of the week and they couldn't get any greater
They leaving the park and hittin' the South Park strip, ride
The South Gatin' skatin' ring later on that night
We in the lot bumpin' our underground rap tapes
Paul and Juicy part 2 and for another one, they just couldn't wait
We back at the crib sweatin' in a lil' room
W-30's, SP-12's and MPCs we use

Straight from the 4 track, to a simple cassette
That's through a pimpsta's mode
Now it's time to hit the stereos stores, collect
We at the club Friday's and Saturday's special request made
Me and Juice Man hit the tables, Koop and Scarecrow rock the stage

Bangin' so bunk, they're some fools always gotta start a fight
They usually made us close up early that night
In the summer, in the summer
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