Three 6 Mafia

"Whatchu Waitin’ For?"

After a few shots, she can go all night
I hit the right spot, she's all mine
There's only one way you can know for sure
What are you waiting for?
Whatchu waiting for?

Why don't we go back and escape the world?
I see those eyes and I know you wanna leave this place so bad
Yeah, I feel it
You feel it

So whatchu waiting for?
Baby, I'm the one who could show you what it's like if you try to come
Take you to a place you've never been before
What are you waiting for?
Whatchu waiting for?

Put your drink in the air
Shake them tits like you don't care
Lots of booty you should share
n***a like me get tired of starin'

Play it like me, I been tryin' to get it
Stripclub in a club, when I made my sittin'
Though I'm not a lotta cash, they don't never quittin'
Threesome, foursome, I'ma gonna get it
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