The Pointer Sisters

"Shut Up and Dance"

Hey, you, you wanna dance?

All I want to do with you is dance
I don't need no verbal exposé, hey

I wanna dance, that's all I want
Ride on that rhythm flowin'
Take this train where it's going
So fast, and don't look back

Just met not long ago
Music was steady jammin'
Your eyes were body slammin' so hard
Then came the rap

Oh, I ain't come here to lookin' for no converstion
(I ain't lookin' for no conversation)
And I ain't searchin' for my, for my Romeo
(I ain't searchin' for my Romeo)

Don't ask me nothin', don't tell me nothin'
Don't talk about romance
Just wanna move, jam on the groove
All you gotta do is shut up and dance
Yeah, yeah, yeah
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