The Pointer Sisters

"Uh Uh"

My bags are packed and set by the door
Just waitin' for the time to go
No matter what you had to do
You could find a way to let me know

That's it, I've had enough
It's been too tough
I'm leavin' with the mornin' sun, yeah
I've never given you a reason why
To treat me like you do

So I'm tellin' you now, bye
I'm hurt that you didn't try
Because you actin' the way you do
I can't stay here lovin' you, uh-uh

We had a talk just last week
And I thought I made it pretty clear
Things had to change before too long
Or this love affair would disappear

But that's it, I've had enough
It's been too tough
Sorry, but I've gotta run, oh...
My heart seems to be breakin' inside
I've gotta go before I change my mind
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