"E.T.F. (St. Lucia Freestyle)"

Oooooo, yea
Straight drop, Billy Ocean
Swing like emotions
Goin thru the motions
Losing focus
That dope still smokin
Overdosage, too much salt in the ocean
I’m fully woke b*t*h
Stupid head you need some lotion
You broke & ugly as sh*t
Beneath all the commotion
I’m more explosive
You ain’t - blowin’ no sh*t
I heard before this
You ain’t - get no roses
I’m probably posted with what could’ve been yo b*t*h
But you don’t know sh*t
Out here lookin like a joke
HA-HA - n***as unusual
All that RA RA - but it don’t be no smoke
You the po po
Holmes we know-o
Dropped my solo
Off the dolo
I got dope by the boat load
They like Lance gon be Lance
(f**k it) Let him show boat
Do my dance on em
I - am in goat mode
All these eyes on my rise
I don’t go for
Reimagining my price
I won’t go so easy
I’m needy, fine..
Call me loco
I-D-C, I’m doin fine
Watch me glow..
Rappers be stealing I’m feeling like damn
And they don’t got feelings, they still on a xan
And they get picked up cuz they ona gram
I’m incognegro, don’t play with no ham
I got plans .. big ass plans
I can’t get jammed
Get yo mans..
Where u from?
n***a scram
You ain’t got no brain
That’s why they u say u a ten man
Not cuz you was really one of them man
Real sh*t always last ina end man
Dont get too close, we still sin man
Terrence Howard flow too - the main flame
Let’s play hangman
Guess the name man..
If you ain’t say "Dope", it's slow, fix ya aim
Missin' everything you runnin round & claiming ain’t
On the mainstream
I go ham, streaming to fiends
You a pulled hamstring
You can’t keep up with deez
This only for me
I-D-C if you don’t see me how I see me
You still only see in 3D
This water ain’t Fiji
It come straight outta P.G
Chesapeake the Jeep
Burning sands & Purple Haze got me Greeky
I heard I was greedy
I need all my fees
I know all the reads
I seen all of these
n***as hardly g’s
I thank God for these
Dope Philosophies
They just flossin' fees

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