Goody Grace

"Still Can’t Hate You"

Don't know how I'm supposed to be
Too much fog for me to see
Water getting way too deep
I’ll go head first off the balcony

Never thought to ask you why
Hung me out so high and dry
Couldn't look me in the eye
Find the truth in short supply

This is something I couldn't imagine
What you said to me, can't forget what you said to me
What you want is never what happens
What you said to me, you don't know what it meant to me

Hate when you're around, but when you're gone I always feel this pull
If these words just words, then tell me how come they're not letting go
Maybe I'm just trappеd and I need somebody to get me right
Whеn I think of you, I feel your hands around my throat get tight

And I still can't hate you
No I still can't hate you
I still can't hate you
No I still can't hate you

Every time I start to think I get this feeling, a shudder
Like something wrong with my drink, but it's you leaving cut up
Say that loves turns to hate
Don't know why that's not the case
Feels like I can't help but get pulled under
And I don't really wanna talk
Only things I shouldn't say
Wish that I could keep it locked
Wait for it to fade away
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