Let’s Get It
Chamillitary Mayne
Boys know how we do it our city y'knahmsayin
I feel like my city on the map, I feel like all is eyes on us
Yeah you heard of Texas y'knahmsayin
But I feel like I need to introduce myself properly
Haha, you ready? It's Rasaq boy

I see these n***as in the club tryna look like they floss (like they floss)
With their fake diamonds on tryna look like they cost (like they coast)
Diamonds shinin hard when you look in my jaws
All my stars is dimes when you look at my broads (at my broads)
I'm sittin on swine when you look in my car
But you lookin real hard, stop lookin retard
I'm sittin on chrome, poking out like silicone
On a p*** star broad like the doctor hit her wrong (hit her wrong)
You can't believe it, I'm talkin like I'm conceited
The swagger that I be havin, a lotta you n***as need it
I'm on the block, finna bleed it, I'll pop a shottie if I'm heated
The game is gettin hungry so n***a I'm finna feed it (finna feed it)
You can't compete us, the n***as that's undefeated
The n***as that's gettin treated like money is gettin weeded (what's that?)
That's high bank account with a blank amount
That's money you can't account, now that's somethin to think about (think about)
Catch me in the slab listenin to Al Green
Creepin and prowling, I slam it like Yao Ming (Yao Ming)
Boys talkin hard like they got bling bling
But check my one-two's cause they go BING! BING! (it's over n***a)
It's lights out, knock you out when the fight's out
I heard you tryna clown, dumb n***a lie down
I here these boys talkin, they ain't better than us
So yeah close your mouth cause you embarra**in us
Yeeeeeeaaah, I feel this my year
Diamonds lookin clear, can't you see me standin here?
Yeeeeeeaaah, I never fall off
Hop in the slab and watch me crawl off
Yeeeeeeaaah, my city on the map
Player give me that, man you can't hate that
Whooooooooa, I'm holdin the grain
Texas boy swang and stay throwed in the game