Time 2 Shine
[Hook: Chamillionaire]
Easy to see, when you look at me
That I'm a CCC n***a, yeah I rap now
Moving mix tapes, from city to city
But we heard, that them people trying to move it and crack down
Only see fee's, so you could see me
Getting my cheddar together, you know I gotta stack now
Everybody has their time to shine, and now it's mine
So step aside and stand in line

Hold up man, Color Changin' Click in here mayn
Chamillionaire and Rasaq's, Ghetto Status
You know I'm saying, we gotta get this underground money
Gotta grind, Rasaq the new blood in the Color Changin' Click
And we gon hold it down man, know I'm tal'n bout

[Hook: *chopped*]

Wanted in six states, for murdering mix tapes
And ice on my arm, make a n***a feel like his wrist raped
Pa** me a melody, my rap is a felony
(they not gon like you) I know n***a, that's just jealousy
If you got hate in your blood, there's no actual remedy
But let me ask you a question, who's making cash them or me
While n***as running they mouth, sitting up in they house
I'm running my routes thugging it out, putting rocks up in my mouth
Shattered teeth, look like it's covered in gla**
My demeanor say I'm ghetto, my mind say I'm upper-cla**
I'm in the hood, where the guns that go blast
That bust in your a**, some n***as don't trust God all they trust is cash
I'm where fiends with work, they don't hara** you
They just look in your soul, they don't even got to ask you
The cops don't pa** you, nah they turn around
And search your car, and see if a burner's found
But my life bout to turn around, them hoochies turn around
When they see them wheels, turn around
Some n***as don't know what it takes, to make this money
You wanna take this money, come take it from me
Take this money, leave your shirt draped and bloody
In this jungle you gotta be a ape, don't make me ugly

N***a I grind from summer to summer, trying to go from Hooptie to Hummer
I'm a ghetto status n***a, I'm a stunner
I holla at your woman, like n***a you don't want her
Undoing her b***ons, acting like I'ma give her loot but I'm fronting
I usually dump em, I lose 'em and bump em
To the curb then swerve, n***a to do this is nothing
My game air tight, like Glad-lock zipper bags
I gladly lock the game up, and n***a kiss your a**
Goodbye, my raps is throwed my hooks is fly
I'm stacking do', but no n***a good try
I took my do', and bet it all on me
True a baller forward n***a, it's all on me
Sometimes I feel the ghetto, just call on me
To bring me to y'all, and y'all to me
My jeans is sagging, and a wife beater down
Your wife around here, n***a I might beat her down
While she creep around, and sleep around
Her husband just heard it word of mouth, he bout to leave her now
Shh n***a keep it down, the laws trying to creep around
And take a n***a to jail, if the heat is found
So bring the speaking down