Trouble lyrics

P Money


You don't want trouble
COVID flow, man ah buss man's bubble
These two hands teach man about struggle
This beard don't respect man with stubble
Told you before, somebody's in trouble
Arms out, man's not come here to cuddle
Rolling pass if I see your team huddle
Drive through man like it's Blackwall tunnel
American cats like, 'Rah he's dope'
Podcast man are like, 'Nah he's GOAT'
One man said I swing like Ali
Ali? Nobody's had me on the ropes, I'm cold
Don't care about TV shows
You [?] blud told me before you saw ghosts
I ain't Wiley but if I wild at a show
I'll do something risky and disappear from the soc' [social] (gone)
It's not a trend when I at these man
God, you better come and drag these man
I don't drink [?] jaeger [?] still gonna see a titan attack these man
I don't need no one to back me fam
Rush who? Better come and clap me fam
Corona spread when I catch each man
But it's jabs in the throat when I vaccine man
Forward slash P Money on Twitch
Don't be fooled 'cause I game and sh*t
Mention my son? Are you taking the p*ss?
Christmas or not, light up his yard for the kid
After the last time man got nicked
Invested my money in actual bricks
Now I got a crib with a bath made of stone
And taps in my bathroom's gold and sh*t
Back up
Came through big like a twenty team [?]
Man's got smoke for an offside trapper
Alone in the block, I'm a confident [?]
Boomer boy, Nike owe me two tops
Don't make me put on invincible swagger
I had a ting putting in work
Left wing politics means I've gotta Saka
No one ain't giving me Pasa
Peep for a man when I ask, 'What's the matter?'
Toepunt man's head back to his gaffa
If we start the party, you're going home mashup
London boy got connects in Notts deeper than [?]
I used to roll with Birmingham wolves, goonies like reverend
You can ask [?] (Ask him)

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