Andrew Huang

"Bubble Tea"

(This song is about my one true love)

Boop boop: b-b-b-b-boba b-b-b-b-boba
B-b-b-b-boba b-b-b-b-bubble tea

[Verse 1]
Forget the bubbly, I want something more bubbly
Milk and honey with my tea and pearls
So lovely spending all my money on these rounds of round chews
My bu-bu-bubble baby, I’m so glad I found you
Like the baths that we draw and the wraps that we pop
Bu-bu-bubbling every time we pass the tea shop pearl
Girl, I gots to know ya forget the soda
I kick it with the boba I don’t blow bubbles
I slurp bubbles it’s no trouble
My straw’s so thick it’s like the Hubble
We’re a couple, so we order double then I drink both of them like guzzle guzzle you love it
Even if you don’t know it yet taro green with the pearls - copacet
Jelly of the jelly and the tapioca threat drink it on my birthday - boba fête

B-b-b-b-boba b-b-b-b-boba
B-b-b-b-boba b-b-b-b-bubble tea

[Verse 2]
Balls, all up in my face
It’s the best drink in the place - any place poke the plastic
Sip the magic I’m quick to grab my phone
And it try on the best thing that Taiwan might spawn an icon
Boba’s the drink that I want won’t let bygones go
I siphon the last pearl in the cup plus the ice
Drink it up will you drink it up come and drink it up drink it up
I wanna drink it up so fast
Never nurse, never nurse
It heads turn when I slurp when I slurp
It so loud, but it’s worth, but it’s worth
It that’s bubble tea - she’s perfect
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