Cry Baby
[Chorus: Lady Blue (Q)]
I'm sorry, look what they done to me (oh)
Left my love behind, to suit their fantasies
I'm dying, why won't they just let me be (oh)
I once was carefree, now I'm all so lonely
(Baby, don't leave)

I'm loving everything about you
Mad, cause everybody only wanna use you
Physically and mentally abuse you
Misuse you, and can't even console you
They only wanna get you dirty, treat you gully
Get ya bloody, uh-huh, it's not funny
Rappers bring ugly, straight to you
But baby girl, I'm on my knees, cause I love you
I'm loving everything about you
Inside outside, that's right, in every molecule
Forget the money, forget the crystal
Princess to a queen, that's right, I wanna see you smile
I'm loving everything about you, boo
I'm loving everything about you, true
I'm loving everything about you
Pure love I spit, that's right, look what I bring to you
I'm loving everything about you

I'm sorry for your mistreatments
Frankly, I know you been mistreated
Fake prophets, false off our favors of filthyness
It's sillyness, with no love for the culture
Trynna get rich, yeah, it really makes me nautious
They're the reason, some women, they have abortions
Hip hop, you was my very first girlfriend
I focused to spit it right, my songs are an offering
Knowledge first, over beats, producers are sampling
Myself and creations, on the line as I offer in
It's kinda sad, that the toxins are smothering
Youth in the hood, poisoned by instant messages
Materialism, barbarianism, all types of isms
And schisms, by tainted vision
I watched you grow from a seed into a forest
I watered you and watered you, but your flowers are dying


I'm loving everything about you
Mad cause everybody only wanna use you
I admit I used you, but together
We have family, my album's in your love
I'm loving your music beautifully
I feel you slippin' away
Come here girl, uh-uh, can't have my love gone
It's like En Vogue, I guess I gotta 'hold on'
I wanna drop it for the cause, I know you righteous
Spit something from the heart, help clean up the virus
Decapitate ferocious, peg leg rap pirates
They only flowing now, cause the dough flowing now
Who, what, when, why, where and how
I'm sorry baby, that you've been used and abused
And served like hell, some they say I'm a tattle tale
If that when I see wrong done to you, you know I got to tell
Tell, tell, tell, tell