Your disgusting mirror image
Slowly convulsing, quivering, fetus face
As long as you live, just realize one thing
You'll never be anything like what your mommy wanted
Baby darling
Swallow tradition and spit out blood
Swallow modernity
B*t*h puppy love
All those legions of lepers
Walking the earth
Crying to themselves
Sucking in poison slowly
It's slow
Slow and painful
When memory cuts through flesh and muscle
Bone and fat
We're barely alive but breathing through these mechanisms of false stability
Golden security blankets
We're barely alive but breathing through these sanitized life masks
They built us in the 1950s
All those minions of walking dead
Shuffling through city streets with brick shoes
Living forgetful lives just like their parents
Breathing disease along with all of us
And it's been this way ever since the birth of logic smothered our fantasies
With some ego maniacal jargon about philosophical superiority
And seriously after years of sharpening pencils and raising our hands
We're left swollen stuck in small desks
Just like our mothers and fathers were
Just like our cousins
And grandparents with chalk wrapped around greasy fingers
Mundane monotony
A sign of the times
A sign of clogged cycles
Just keep of dripping
Keep on dripping
As long as the rest of humanity falls into puddles
Keep on dripping
Keep on dripping
Just keep on guessing
As long as the rest of humanity falls into puzzles
Just keep on guessing

Flocks of people everywhere with dark X's for eyes
All hiding from each other
All keeping the best secrets
I never guessed that you were an unsolvable riddle
One of those that a wise intellectual couldn't have even come up with
Barely a question
Barely an answer
Barely an ent**y
A fantasy created by ghosts
I never guessed that you were looked at as the spawn of satan
Because you asked your questions
Because you took time to forget
And all of the sudden you realized that you were
A monster in the eyes of a monotone world
Keep on dripping